Taters on the mould

Man alive it’s cold out there at the moment. I was up town with the family today and took refuge in the British Library. It turns out that they’ve got a series of free talks and lectures on every week Tuesday to Friday. Each talk lasts 45 minutes. This should leave you time to get there and wolf down your sandwiches before educatizing yourself while brushes crumbs from your cardigan and suppressing the inevitable hiccups.

The inclement weather also prompted me to salute the brave lunchtime soldiers I saw last week, eating their sandwiches in defiance of the bitter wind and plummeting temperatures.

Why aren't you all having a picnic?

Why aren’t you all having a picnic?

My upper lip couldn't be stiffer

My upper lip couldn’t be stiffer

Jus' chillin'

Jus’ chillin’

So if you ever get to thinking that it’s too cold to sit outside and gulp down some fresh air, eat your lunch and catch up on some reading, consider these brave warriors, putting it all on the line to take every minute of their allotted lunchtimes and use it to its fullest. W



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