Reading of the 5,000

Healthy planet

Here’s a good place discovered this week while rushing back to work carrying a heavy catering pack of chicken breasts from the butchers in Theobalds Rd (a great butchers by the way if you’re into meat!)

Just around the corner from Conway Hall, Red Lion Square (site of Crass gigs back during the “punk wars”) is what looks like a charity shop. On closer inspection it’s a bookshop that gives away free books! It’s only open for a short period so get your skates on and have a look.

The shop is run by Healthy Planet a charity that distributes free books that would usually end up on landfill sites. Don’t expect too much as some them are probably charity shop rejects but you never know what you might get. My three books for the day (that’s your daily allowance) included a great gardening one where I learnt that the organic herb grower Jekka McVicar was in a progressive rock band in the 70’s called Marsupilami. They released a couple of LP’s and appeared at the Isle of Wight festival and the first Glastonbury, how mad is that?

The shop’s address is Procter 5, Procter Street, Holborn WC1V just by where the record shop “City Sounds” used to be back in the day. P


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