A different path

Remember when I had all those things lined up for last week? Well, it may not surprise you to note that I failed on achieving any of them. As I say, though, it’s always nice to have a plan. What with various errands to cure me of my maladies, my lunchtimes were cut short, somewhat. I did manage to mither the poor lady in the information centre opposite St. Paul’s Cathedral for details of when they were going to release free tour tickets for the Livery Halls (as yet, the Skinner’s Hall is the only one that has any in the offing and I will keep you posted as to when they’re released). On the way back I thought I’d just try and duck into the Clockmaker’s museum but got sidetracked by a church on Foster Lane.

Looking in through the glass doors, it looked very quiet and I’d never been in there before so thought it was worth a look.

It's collegiate, apparently

It’s collegiate, apparently

I tell you what. If you’ve got 10 minutes or so it’s very peaceful. The main points of interest for me being the fact that it looks like John Betjeman was a warden.

Well I never

Well I never

And if you leave the church, turn right and go to the next set of blue doors you find yourself in a charming little courtyard. It looks very much like you shouldn’t be there but according to their literature that I picked up afterwards, it’s all open to the public.

Nice spot for a sandwich

Nice spot for a sandwich

So, the lesson here is, even if you do have a planned lunchtime, it’s still nice to walk aimlessly and push open some doors. W

PS In other news, P and I are thinking of ways to “jazz” up the blog as we enter the warmer months – we’ll be posting details soon.



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