Cor baby (That’s really free)

There’s now a new section called “free events” on the right hand side of the page and we will be adding more links as and when. There’s now no  excuse to go out and do something even when you are a bit financially embarrassed during a lunchhour!

We here at Liylh are always looking for new things to keep us occupied especially decent music. There’s a fair selection of recitals and classical concerts but when it comes to electronica, reggae and the left-field variety it’s a bit thin on the ground. Any promoters out there do get in touch if you are doing something on a lunchtime and we’ll give you a plug. Years ago Rob Da Bank and the Sunday Best crew used to do free events on Finsbury Square during the summer and when Pure Groove was still at West Smithfields there were some cracking free shop appearances (including Jeffrey Lewis performing Crass songs amongst others). So come on, we’d love to see/hear more decent free music on a lunchtime! If you know of anything do email us at londoninyourlunchhour@gmail.comI hate eating

On a final note I’ve just found a link to some regular free lunchtime concerts at St Annes Lutheran Church (THE home of Bach in London) and it states, “feel free to bring your sandwiches” I do like that. I’ll be the one who turns up with the boiled egg & piccalilli sarnies with a side dish of smelly cheese and coleslaw perched in the middle of a pew with no-one around us. There’s also a promise of “coffee and biscuits served”, will they be served for free you reckon? P


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