What to do, what to do

Good afternoon,

I know P and I are always telling you to get away from your desks and do something in your lunchtime. Ignoring our own advice for a day, I decided to have a look and see how easy it was to get a week’s plan together for free stuff to do in a lunchtime this week. These are what I’m planning to have a look at if I get a chance.

Tuesday – Concert

Watch him tickle the ivories

Watch him tickle the ivories

As part of the City of London Festival, there are a ton of recitals going on. Which means you can chill out for an hour, listening to some lovely plinky plonky music in the warm. This Tuesday brings Leslie Howard and his lovely head of hair to the Bishopsgate Institute. If you really must know, he’ll be playing these lovely ditties:

Beethoven Sonata No 13 Op 27 No 1 Sonata quasi una fantasia
Beethoven Sonata No 14 Op 27 No 2 Sonata quasi una fantasia Moonlight
Alkan Symphonie pour piano seul Op 39 Nos 4–7 (from Douze Études dans les tons mineurs)

Which will be nice.

Wednesday  – Museum

The Guildhall Library (London EC2v 7HH) also houses the Clockmakers’ museum. I’ve been meaning to have a shuftie round it for a while and this week seems as good a time as any.

Thursday – Talk
21st Century Inc.: Making the corporation work for us

On Thursday, Colin Mayer will be calling for a new approach to how we run companies to ensure that the corporation contributes to, rather than undermines our economic prosperity, environmental welfare and social well-being…apparently. It all sounds rather jolly though and I’ll be tagging along just in case someone asks a question about Downton Abbey.

Obviously, I doubt all of these will come off for me to go to this week. Work will undoubtedly interfere in some way, but I always feel better to have a plan in place. If you want something a bit more loose and not tied down to a clock then the Imagine festival starts at the South Bank Centre this week. It’s actually more for children and timed to coincide with the half-terms that are happening this week and next. It does mean that there will be stuff to do and see there though, so if you work around there, you’ll at least get to see the Centre dressed up a little differently.

Do let us know if there’s anything we’ve missed or stuff you’re getting up to this week. We’re always on the look out for a new vista; a sparkling horizon on a hoary lunchtime; an unparalleled experience of beauty and chaos in this city we call home. W


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