Cheap pumps and shrapnel marks

On my monthly afternoon trips from work in Covent Garden to St Thomas’ Hospital to have dental work done off one of the students there, I pass many sights while walking down The Embankment. I’m usually either so tired (I stay up late the night before so I can fall asleep in the chair, they don’t mind as long as I don’t snore!) or so preoccupied with the forthcoming work on me teeth I usually walk down there with my eyes closed.

where's me pumpsI noticed for the first time last week a smart monument to the the man who devised the Plimsoll line (of the seafaring variety not the cheap sports footwear.) I do love the get up of the sailor on the left (very robert elms in the eighties. “Oi, where’s me espadrilles?”.) More on  Sam Plimsoll and his monument here.

Don't needle me, ok?

We all know about Cleopatra’s Needle but have you ever had a butchers at the shrapnel marks on the walls that surround it from the aftermath of a German raid during the first World War? The area around the needle is supposedly haunted and there’s rumours of a ghostly semi-nude man with a Peter Stringfellow hairdo who is regularly seen jumping into the river their with no sound and then disappears without trace. W informs me too there’s tales of all sorts of mysterious stuff buried beneath the obelisk in a time capsule. What would you like to hear was buried underneath it? A a signed photo of Larry Grayson perhaps, 10 B&H or a flick-knife bought on a school trip to France in the seventies by a London schoolboy? Answers on an email please to P

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