Gardens in the sky

Sitting at the top of the giant concrete Barbican, the conservatory is often missed by the cityworkers going about their business. You can see it if you look up from the bottom of Whitecross market – which I did about three weeks ago. I used to go there quite a bit when I worked nearer Liverpool Street. P and I once snuck in through an unlocked door during a corporate do. People were too polite to ask us to leave, so we sat by the fish pond for a lunchtime.

The place often seems locked up now (perhaps our break in forced a security rethink). As it was on Friday when I had a look. But despite by thwarted attempts, just seeing it again made me feel it was worthwhile. I’d forgotten the menagerie by the main entrance.

Birds...undreds of em

Birds…undreds of em

And staring up through the security glass, I couldn’t help thinking of Logan’s Run.

It's the (70's imagined) future

It’s the (70’s imagined) future

I noticed it’s also been mentioned in Time Out in the last couple of weeks. The article, written by the author of mentions that it’s a good idea to phone ahead to find out when it’s open. Good advice. W

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