That was the week, that was

haunted tunnel1. A stroll through the underground road that is Lower Robert Street and feeling very subterranean (and lonely!)
2. Walking through the warren of streets between St Paul’s and the Thames – very dickensian we must say.

museum_london_3. Getting turned away from a free talk at the Museum of London because it was packed. The shame!
4. Frequenting “George’s” the market stall at the top of Leather Lane, Holborn where cheap crisps, never-heard-of brands of chocolate and unrefridgerated ham are the order of the day. His (male) assistant who puts the produce into a bag for you has a lovely line in high pitched thanks you’s.
5. Watching the librarians playing “where’s that loud snoring coming from?” in Holborn Library.

This chart is produced by the lunchtime appreciation society that is W and P.


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