All the pubs are being closed down

retreating pubsA couple of posts ago W mentioned the “Secret London” book and it reminded me of a great birthday present I received some years ago (cheers Sophie!) It’s a publication from 1973 by Timothy M. Richards and James Stevens Curl called “City of London Pubs” (David and Charles). It’s an exhaustive list of the City’s pubs, even though many of them are no more as the old man’s boozer is fast disappearing in London.

city of london pubsMy copy has additional biro marks from a previous owner with the likes of “now demolished”, “semi-clean toilets” and “large dartboard” that adds to the fun. There’s mad pub names mentioned like The Clanger in Houndsditch EC3 (an “All Bar One” now shamefully stands in it’s place ), Ye Olde Crutched Friars in Crosswall, EC3, and The Dandy Roll in Bread Street, EC4. Great eh?

Love that pubI doubt in forty years time they’ll have a book about today’s coffee houses (Coffee Mates, The Ministry of Nescafe etc), the ones with the same bare-bricked interior, overpriced cakes from the Nigella Lawson cookbook and Shoreditch-type baristas with stubble. Bring back those old man’s pubs! P


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