This one’s fresh, this one’s a brand new


Well we’re back after Christmas and very nice it was too. As P and I return to work, our thoughts inevitably find their way to what we’re going to do to get some more material for this blog. A strange, neither fish nor flesh week in London at the moment, no doubt due to people extending their Christmas holidays, so we’ve both ruminated and researched the upcoming weeks to see what’s on offer.
The Gresham college lectures have been released (just turn up on the day for most of them), as have the new batch of talks at the RSA (where you have to reserve a place) – get ’em while they’re hot. January also sees the release of the dates for the Winter Concert season organised by the City of London. Most of the events are free and fall within a lunchtime. There’s even one on at St. Andrew’s Holborn, which brings me neatly onto the next paragraph.

If you need something to warm the cockles of your heart in this mild and breezy January, consider the first in another one of our series entitled “London tales” – stories writ large on London’s landscape.



“Erected by the worshipful company of Cordwainers to commemorate Edward Marsden, MD Surgeon 1796 – 1867 who as a result of finding a young woman dying on the steps of St Andrew Holborn on a winter’s night in 1827, founded the Royal Free Hospital, established for many years in Gray’s Inn Road before its removal to Hampstead in 1974.”


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