Alternatives to Pret (Part 1)

An occasional series.
The Sandwich Man, 23 Easton Street, London WC1X 0DS

Tired of paying through the nose for your lunchtime grub? Let us here at LIYLH guide you through the cheap culinary delights available in London town. Our first port of call has a lovely shop-front (see below) that just screams quality and cleanliness (yeah right!) but don’t let that put you off, this place is great!

sarnie man HQYou might have seen those blokes on bikes riding around town delivering food to office blocks, well this is their central HQ. When they’ve finished their round at about 12.45pm they take their “returns” back to easton street where they are then sold to the general public for a pound each, how good is that?

At 1pm the queues are hectic with hungry postal workers from mount pleasant trying to push in, jostling dustmen, skint students and over-confident motorcycle couriers leathered up to the max all trying to push to the front of the queue. A good tip is to leave it until 1.45 when it’s a lot quieter and you’ll still have a lot to choose from.

Oi, watch my baguette!There’s usually a great selection including meat, fish and veggie sandwiches alongside crisps, salads and drinks all at greatly reduced prices. A word of warning though, during the summer months don’t bother with the all day breakfast bap (egg, sausage and bacon) as the boxes on the back of the bikes they keep the food in are not refrigerated. I know of one person who left work early who looked a bit green around the gills after consuming (alledgedly) the aforementioned sarnie! Apart from that, it’s a cheap old treat and well worth queueing up for!

Years ago where I worked we used to have a daily visit from one of their delivery men who would announce his arrival by ringing a little ornamental handbell. As most of the workforce there used to think they were west ham “geezers” they would get very annoyed at his camp campanology. Me, I used to think it was hilarious, big up the sandwich man! P


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