Everyday I write the book

Inner sleeve bluesThanks to our good friend Marc G. for letting us know of a great free event called “The Secret History of Second hand books – An exhibition by freelance writer Wayne Gooderham” on until 13th December 2012 at The Cafe at Foyles, Charing Cross Road, London. After reading more about the exhibition which is about books inscribed with personal messages, I had to go straight to the bookcase and look for anything we might have. The one I found was in “The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle” and it read “For excellent attendance at work during the quarter ended March 1964, all good wishes, R.J. Crickman”. Nowhere as good as the one on Wayne Gooderham’s excellent blog in “One in Twenty – A Study of Homosexuality in Men and Women by Bryan Magee” that reads “You leave this book alone, you filthy old man, who calls his wife “mommie” and has “done it” with an African alyah!” Brilliant! Definitely an exhibition to have a look at! P


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