Lunchtimes of the yin/yang variety, man


Having a cup of stewed builders tea in the 24 hours bikers café near smithfield meat market sitting on their hard plastic seats that are welded to the ground (not good when someone has to get out as everybody in the row has to move). Definitely not a place to ask for a “Macchiato with wings, double pronto” or “Guys, are your fig rolls fair trade?” Good

Knowing the staff in barbican lending library by their first names. Good

For the first dateEnjoying sweet and sour chicken in Ferrari’s in smithfield while reminiscing with the owner about the time he accidently dropped a bottle of Lucozade which smashed by your feet and covered your strides in an thick orange froth. Good

Seeing Trevor McDonald by Holborn library smiling to a chap who recognised him. He replied with a happy “ And how are you, sir?” coming across as an all-round “good egg”. Good

Finding somewhere daft to go to on a lunchtime and getting a few mates to go up there with you. Good

Having a coffee and a laugh with the blokes that run Veneticus (97-99 Clerkenwell Rd, Clerkenwell. EC1R 5BX) on a weekly basis. Good

Finding a bin-bag full of 12″ singles outside a record shop to be thrown out for the binmen and dragging it back to work, spending rest of the lunchtime saying “got, haven’t got, haven’t got, never heard it” Good

addictive bagelGetting a little bit addictive to salmon and cream cheese bagels from brick lane bagel bake. One morning I bought three before work to do me for breakfast and lunch but ate them all before 11. I had to go up there again in the lunchhour and the lady behind the counter said “Hello again.” Shame! Bad

Queueing up in the post office all lunchtime to post an LP that sold on e-bay for 99p. Bad

Getting soaked all the way through by a lunchtime shower and coming back to work with steam coming off you as it’s now sunny and someone asks “is it raining?” Bad



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