There are eight million stories (in a lunch hour)

Last Wednesday was awful weather-wise, LIYLH’s W and myself had to change our plans of researching a forthcoming post (aka having a cup of coffee in a cafe and talking about music and life in general). This led us to visiting St Bride Library just off Fleet St on a last minute whim when the rain got the better of us. It’s a place dedicated to all things graphic and print and even has a printing press wedged in the corner. The library used to be free to use at one time but now charges a fiver for a yearly “readers pass” which keeps the sleepers out. It was still teeming it down when we left there, so legged it into St Bride’s Church in the middle of the facing square for shelter.I’ve been there in the distant past but had forgotten how good it was. There’s been a church there since the 7th Century the helpful lady behind the desk told us, and the latest incarnation of the church was designed by Sir Christopher Wren. It’s traditionally known as the journalists church as it’s just off Fleet St (once home of the UK’s newspaper industry) and it’s spire was the model for the first multi-tiered wedding cake, how good is that?

One of the best things about the place is the crypt at the rear of the church. If you love large illustrated signs, knackered up roman coins, broken pottery and old gravestones you’ll be in heaven here (no pun intended). There’s usually even a self-locking metal coffin (to deter grave robbers in days of old) on show here but the sellotaped sign told us it was elsewhere today, well you can’t have everything can you?

Outside the rain was still chucking it down and I thought of this tune as I walked back to work with my head down. P


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