Bloomsbury big up

I love Bloomsbury. It’s like a little quiet part of London with quaint shops that I can’t afford anything in and people who talk to each other. It’s not that close to where I work though, so yesterday, in the bright, cold sunshine, I hopped on my bike and met LIYLH’s P for a designated assignation to see the exhibition at Ben Pentreath‘s in Rugby Street, as flagged by our friend Marc Gooderham.

It’s a lovely shop. Beautiful linocut postcards, interesting sculptures and art, as well as bits and bobs for around the house. If you’re interested in seeing more, pop over to the site. While we were there, we even bumped into Marc who happened to be strolling by. Pretty much a full-time artist, Marc’s got got a number of galleries selling his work. The Ben Pentreath exhibition is currently showing one of his prints of London life. Almost photoreal, I would have tried to get a lot closer to the print were it not for the porcelain dogs and amazing miniature models of London houses that prevented me.

When we left, we passed Maggie Owen‘s beatifully appointed shop and saw this sign:

So we popped in and asked if we could see it. The lovely and helpful lady in there (I think it may be Maggie Owen herself) told us that the back of the shop was an extension and the floorboards were now over the conduit. Apparently though it is marble and daubed with 16th century grafitti.

Rugby Street is a stone’s throw away from Coram’s Fields so we jauntily strolled up there, taking in the ambience of Lamb’s Conduit Street. Now I’ve been to Coram’s Fields quite a few times. It’s a regular haunt for the family meet-ups I have with the in-laws. And having kids means I can access the park. Check out the sign!

As it was, they were setting up for an event so we stopped short of a weird father and son act (I’d definitely be the son) and walked round the corner to experience the sunshine, watch people sleep in the park and have a look at the gardening excellence happening in the centre of London.

Wanting to squeeze the most out of our trip we also took a stop outside the Foundling Museum. This is housed in a beautiful building on the North side of the park. That’s pretty much all I can tell you about it as it was over £5 to go in and we only had 10 minutes left before we had to head back.

After stopping to take a pic of my favourite italian restaurant, Ciao Bella, which comes heartily recommended by myself and also served Fergus Henderson on my last visit, we parted company and did wend our way back to work. W


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